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All DNA Zoo data, including genome assemblies, genome annotations, DNA-Seq data, and Hi-C maps, are shared freely without any restriction. Most of them are shared ahead of publication. We only ask that you cite the DNA Zoo as the source of this data as described below.

How to cite DNA Zoo data and assemblies

If you do use any DNA Zoo data or analyses, we ask that you cite the DNA Zoo 3D De Novo Assembly methods paper:

Dudchenko, Olga, Sanjit S. Batra, Arina D. Omer, Sarah K. Nyquist, Marie Hoeger, Neva C. Durand, Muhammad S. Shamim, et al. 2017. "De Novo Assembly of the Aedes Aegypti Genome Using Hi-C Yields Chromosome-Length Scaffolds." Science (New York, N.Y.) 356 (6333): 92-95.

and that you include the following sentence in the acknowledgments of the main text of the paper: "Unpublished genome assemblies and sequencing data for X, Y, and Z are used with permission from the DNA Zoo Consortium ("

How to cite draft genomes used by DNA Zoo

DNA Zoo frequently upgrades draft genomes that are already publicly available and that we did not generate ourselves. When this is the case, we include citation information for the draft genome we used on the individual assembly page. Critically, in a few cases, the draft genome has not been published yet. In such cases, we ask that you respect any restrictions placed by the creators of the draft assembly.


Anticipated publication plans

DNA Zoo plans to publish the genome assemblies presented here in the setting of large-scale comparative analyses. If you’d like to participate in such analyses, we’d love to coordinate. Please be in touch!

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