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SRA update for 325 genome assemblies

We are excited to report that with our last assembly release we've hit the 325 assemblies mark, which means it's time to do some raw sequencing data upload to NCBI Sequence Read Archive!

Celebratory postcard on the occasion by DNA Zoo junior member Jibreel!

The new data have now been uploaded under our usual BioProject accession PRJNA512907 (some more data can be found under collaborative bioproject accessions like PRJNA679437).

Today, we uploaded data for an additional 18 Hi-C and 12 WGS experiments, in overall the total data covers 325 species, 635 experiments and 43,960,758,871,505 bases!

We thank Illumina, Baylor College of Medicine GARP core, Macrogen, Novogen and the Broad Institute for their help with the data production! And thank you to Jibreel for the celebratory postcard!

As with our previous data releases, we share our bases without restrictions (but don't forget to acknowledge). Please see our data usage policy here! Don't miss on new assemblies, add your email to the mailing list at the bottom of the contact page to subscribe to notifications about new genome assemblies being release or follow us on twitter!

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