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SRA submission catchup

Today, we catch up with our 250th chromosome-length genome assembly release with a batch raw data submission to SRA!

Celebratory postcard on the occasion by DNA Zoo junior member Liby!

Check out the DNA Zoo BioProject accession PRJNA512907 now encompassing 295 biosamples, 439 Hi-C experiments across 254 species, 81 DNA-Seq experiments across 79 species. The archive now adds up to a total of 32,221,912,617,596 sequenced bases!

We are very grateful to Illumina, Baylor College of Medicine GARP core, Macrogen, Novogene, the Broad Institute and Baylor Genetics for their help with the data production!

As with our previous data releases, we share our bases without restrictions (but don't forget to acknowledge). Please see our data usage policy here!

Don't miss on new assemblies, add your email to the mailing list at the bottom of the contact page to subscribe to notifications about new genome assemblies being release or follow us on twitter!


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