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SRA catchup for 275 genome assemblies

Hey everyone! With the latest release we've hit the 275 assemblies mark, which means it's time to do some raw sequencing data upload to NCBI Sequence Read Archive!

The new data have now been uploaded under BioProject accession PRJNA512907, with legume data from a recently published paper available under BioProject accession PRJNA679437. Overall, the uploaded data cover Hi-C data for 281 species and WGS data for 91 spanning 569 experiments and 34,565,252,649,062 bases!

We thank Illumina, Macrogen, Novogen, the Broad Institute and Baylor College of Medicine GARP core for their help with the data production!

As always, we share the data without restrictions: see our data usage policy here.

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P.S.: Check out the celebratory card from a junior DNA Zoo Australia member marking the occasion, below!

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