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It's Thanksgiving and the bases are ready!

This Thanksgiving we are happy to report that we've reached another milestone of 175 chromosome-length genome assemblies on our website. Featured on the assembly page are fastas and Hi-C contact maps for 156 vertebrates (including 138 mammals), 10 plants, 6 insects, 2 mollusks and 1 flatworm.

We take this opportunity to catch up with our SRA data submissions. Find all the bases under the DNA Zoo BioProject accession PRJNA512907. The project now holds 203 biosamples, 291 Hi-C experiments across 163 species, 58 DNA-Seq experiments across 58 species, and totals 24,149,683,906,787 bases!

We are very grateful to Illumina, Macrogen, Novogene, the Broad Institute, Baylor College of Medicine GARP core and Baylor Genetics for their help with the data production!

As before, we share the data without restrictions: see our data usage policy here.

Don't miss on new assemblies, subscribe to the website below or follow us on twitter!

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Gracie Anderson
Gracie Anderson
Dec 04, 2020

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