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DNA Zoo China upgrades the endangered forest musk deer assembly


The forest musk deer (Moschus berezovskii) is a species of particular importance to Chinese ecology, biodiversity conservation, economy, and medicine. Like other musk deer, the forest musk deer has been (and still is) hunted for its musk. The hunting pressure, habitat loss and disease in captive animals have led to significant population decline. Today, forest musk deer is a Class I protected species in China, listed in CITES Appendix II and classified as endangered by IUCN [1].

林麝(Moschus berezovskii)在中国是一种对生态和物种多样性非常重要,且具有重要药用和经济价值的物种。 同其他麝一样,林麝因为产麝香被猎杀(直到今天也仍然有人非法猎杀林麝)。由于人类的捕杀、生存环境的破坏以及人工养殖中的疾病等问题最终导致林麝总群数量不断下降。目前,林麝是中国国家一级野生保护动物,也被世界自然保护联盟列入了濒危保护名单,被《濒危物种国际贸易公约》列为II类物种[1]。

To facilitate conservation efforts in China we have recently started DNA Zoo China at ShanghaiTech University. If you would like to work together on genome assembly of interesting species in China, please reach out to me, Dr. Lichun Jiang (


As inaugural effort, today DNA Zoo China upgrades the genome assembly for the forest musk deer from (Fan et al., 2018). We are very grateful to Dr. Suwen Zhao from the ShanghaiTech University and ShangHai ChongMing DongPing YuanShe XunYang Co., Ltd. for providing us with the sample for Hi-C library preparation!

作为中国DNA动物园的首发项目,我们于今天正式发布最新的林麝基因组。基于2018年发表的林麝基因组草图(Fan et al., 2018),我们通过Hi-C 基因组测序技术成功组装了中国DNA 动物园项目的首个染色体水平的林麝基因组。在此诚挚感谢为我们提供Hi-C文库构建所需样品的上海科技大学赵素文博士以及上海崇明东平原麝驯养有限公司。

The chromosome-length assembly is shared here. See below how the 29 chromosomes of the forest musk deer relate to the 30 chromosomes of cattle, from (Zimin et al., Genome Biology, 2009). Note the fusion of cow chromosomes #26 and 28 in the musk deer.

我们把染色体水平的组装结果分享在此(请点击链接)。如下图可以看到林麝的29条染色体和牛基因组的30条染色体(Zimin et al., Genome Biology, 2009)比对的情况。值得关注的是牛的26号和28号染色体在林麝中发生了融合。

Whole-genome alignment plot between the chromosomes of the new forest musk deer genome assembly ( and those of the domestic cow (Bos_taurus_UMD_3.1.1, from Zimin et al., 2009).

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