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The Angolan colobus, Colobus angolensis, is an Old World monkey species found in dense rain forests of the Congo region in Africa. One of the several colobus monkey species, the Angolan colobus is identifiable by their long, glossy black and white hair. The term colobus means "short" or "incomplete" in reference to their small thumbs. This tiny digit is not a hinderance, rather a useful adaptation that allows the colobus monkey to swing from tree brach to tree branch more easily by using their hands like hooks [1].

Angola Colobus Monkey by Ryan Poplin, [CC BY-SA 2.0], via

Today, we release the chromosome-length upgrade for the Angolan colobus monkey, Colobus angolensis, based on the draft assembly by the Human Genome Sequencing Center (BCM-HGSC) at the Baylor College of Medicine. We graciously thank the San Antonio Zoo for donating the sample used to generate this upgraded assembly! For details on our assembly procedure, please see our Methods page. Check out the 22 chromosomes of the colobus monkey in the interactive Juicebox.js session below:

We've released chromosome-length genome assemblies for over 20 primate species here on the DNA Zoo website! The Angolan colobus will be the 7th Old World monkey species in our collection. For some preliminary analysis, we've aligned the Angolan colobus (Cang.pa_1.0_HiC) to the Guinea baboon (Papio_papio_HiC), another Old World monkey.

Whole genome alignment of the Angolan colobus (Cang.pa_1.0_HiC) to the Guinea baboon (Papio_papio_HiC).


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