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Another milestone reached

We are happy to report that last week we passed the milestone of 150 shared genome assemblies on our website. Our assembly page features chromosome-length fastas and Hi-C contact maps for 133 vertebrates (including 117 mammals), 9 plants, 6 insects, 2 mollusks and 1 flatworm.

To commemorate, we do another round of data submission to NCBI Sequence Read Archive, shared under the DNA Zoo BioProject accession PRJNA512907.

Some statistics for the data available:

· 181 biosamples,

· 284 Hi-C experiments across 156 species,

· 44 DNA-Seq experiments across 44 species,

· total number of bases: 20,061,496,464,054!

We thank Illumina, Macrogen, Novogen, the Broad Institute and Baylor College of Medicine GARP core and Baylor Genetics for their help with the data production!

As before, we share the data without restrictions: see our data usage policy here.

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